"… the stage chemistry between Queensland theatre's go-to man Klarwein and its ultimate Buster Keaton-style sad clown Matheson is as alive as it was in Coward's never-aged-a-day theatrical miracle."
-The Australian

"… it’s a lovely play, one which wears its age well, and one which proves that an oldie can still be a goodie. Congratulations, Wesley Enoch — and farewell. You final production for QTC will be remembered as one of your best."

"How do you turn a piece of 1960s kitsch into a comedy that keeps a 21st century audience laughing out loud? Hand it over to Wesley Enoch is the answer."
-The Blurb

"The Odd Couple is a stellar production starring an astutely cast ensemble of some of our most accomplished actors."
-XS Entertainment

“With an all-star cast, a classic script and a stage brimming over with life and joy, The Odd Couple ends Wesley Enoch’s tenure at Queensland Theatre Company not with a whimper, but with the very loud bang of a pan of linguini hitting the wall.”
-Creative Drinks

"… a stellar show of non-stop humour and a lot of heart."
-Blue Curtains

"Matheson and Klarwein were brilliant under Enoch's direction ... and could now be considered our two leading men."
-Courier Mail

Suddenly single after his wife throws him out on the street, despairing journalist Felix reluctantly accepts the hospitality of his buddy Oscar, a sportswriter and Grade A slob.

Oscar’s sprawling apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side would once have been palatial – but after his own recent divorce, he lives in the midst of an ever-growing midden of domestic detritus. A big spender, a problem gambler, a hedonist, a boozer and a rake, he’s everything the neurotically neat and fastidious Felix is not. They’re the best of pals, but living together is proving a bit of a stretch.

A classic comedy from Pulitzer Prize and multiple Tony Award-winning American playwright and screenwriter Neil Simon, The Odd Couple reteams the odd couple from 2013’s Design For Living, Jason Klarwein and Tama Matheson, as the housemates from hell.

Director Wesley Enoch recreates the magic and chaos of the beloved 1968 film starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau.

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