“Moving, amusing and truthful...”
-The Guardian

"… Quartet exudes a quiet charm and is both amusing and comforting … it was a delightful experience … It’s one of those plays where you just sit back, and enjoy it as it washes over you"
-The Courier Mail

"This is at times wickedly funny (I think I may have snorted at least once) but also a touching tender and a little confronting look at aging with the central question - when we age are we the same person just in a slower shell and how to find dignity and meaning."
-Susan Hetherington (612 ABC)

"Ronald Harwood’s Quartet is a poignant play that will make you feel: humour, happiness, sadness and hope. Its tender take on the frustrations and fears of growing old is emotionally satisfying and ultimately uplifting, making it likely to strike a chord with many audience members, both during its Brisbane season and when it tours."
-Blue Curtains Brisbane

"In an age that’s obsessed with youth culture it’s a pleasure to welcome Quartet, a well-made West End play with elderly characters that unashamedly entertains."
-Stage Whispers

“What a delightful, funny, insightful and beautifully acted piece this turned out to be. It was simply a complete entertainment package; comedy, drama, reality, a little unreality and a great deal of joy.”
-Absolute Theatre

"... a beguiling little comedy drama with a charming façade... a perfect choice for a QTC regional tour."
-Hush Hush Biz

“The play is going to tour Queensland in February and March and this reviewer warmly recommends it.”
-Weekend Notes

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After wowing the world, retired opera singers Reggie, Cissy and Wilf have been put out to pasture in a  country retirement home. Their chief concerns are scatty Cissy’s wandering memory, flirty Wilf’s obsession with dirty talk, and gentleman Reggie’s ongoing battle to get bloody marmalade with breakfast.

What keeps the trio raging against the dying of the light is headlining the annual gala concert marking composer Verdi’s birthday.

The serenity of their rehearsal room is shattered by the arrival of Jean: diva, celebrated soprano, fourth member of their old quartet and Reggie’s ex-wife. Not that he’s thought about their horribly dysfunctional marriage in years, of course. Can these four put aside old grudges and re-team for one more show-stopping finale? 

Quartet, also adapted as an acclaimed 2012 film, is a devilishly funny journey into old age told with tenderness, grace, hope – and above all, no self pity

*On tour throughout Queensland February to March

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