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When did you first become a Season Ticket Holder?

I think that I first became a Season Ticket Holder around 2012 but unfortunately I’ve had an enforced absence from Brisbane for many years due to living first in Sydney for two years then Amsterdam for another year.  When I returned to Brisbane to live, around this time last year I recalled fondly Queensland Theatre performances such as Summer of the Seventeenth Doll and Managing Carmen, and so I was keen to reconnect in Season 2018.

Have you always been interested in the performing arts?

When I deeply reflect on this question, I have to answer yes. I can recall my first live theatre experience was when I was probably 14.  My high school in Melbourne staged a musical production of Oliver Twist. At the time I thought it was a truly magical performance and to my youthful eye professionally produced – all done out of my own school. In my 20s to 40s I tended to favour live music (Flowers, Angels, MiSex, Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel, Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons, INXS and the like). Despite the preponderance of musical performances over the years I’ve continued to occasionally patronise live theatre as the opportunity presented in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and London.  Whilst living in London in 2010, I’d regularly go down to the ticket booths in Leicester Square and check out a show.  I’ve always taken an interest in various genres of the performing arts but now as I mature my love of live theatre has re-kindled and Queensland Theatre has not disappointed me during 2018.

Tell us why you subscribe?

I subscribe because I’ve so very much enjoyed earlier seasons from Queensland Theatre.  There has been such a good variety and the performances to my eye have all been world class. I also like the fact that I can see more for my money if I subscribe.

What have been your favourite experience/s with QT?

The QT Club has taken my live theatre experience to a whole new level.  Meeting the cast after each performance and the glimpses behind the scenes have been a real thrill for me. I particularly liked standing on the revolving set of Jasper Jones for a close up look at the ingenious staging, which recreated so well the many aspects of a small Australian town.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

Coffee! I do so look forward to my first cup every morning. When I was last in Bali I tried Kopi Luwak coffee - the bean of which is first digested by the Asian Palm Civet – thankfully the bean used remains inside its shell throughout this process.  Aren’t we lucky that QT club also provides coffee and cake.

Which play are you most looking forward to in 2019?

I think that Antigone will be my most anticipated play in 2019 – I saw Christen O’Leary a few years back in a one woman multiple role performance called Bombshells and she was outstanding in her delivery of so many characters over such a short space of time. So I’m keen to see another great performance from her.

Mark Chee
Season Ticket Holder and QT Club Member
Queensland Theatre