Company Quick Fire | Queensland Theatre

What were you doing before working at Queensland Theatre?  

I was in high school on the Sunshine Coast and moved to Brisbane a few weeks before I started working at Queensland Theatre.

How long have you been working at Queensland Theatre, and tell us about your role/s here?

I have been working at Queensland Theatre for nearly 3 years. I started off working in Front of House doing bar and ushering and after a few months I got the opportunity to do Box Office as well. While continuing to do that I also joined the Season Ticketing Team for the 2016 Season. When Season Ticketing finished a position as Ticketing Officer became available and I was lucky enough to get it. I have been part of the Ticketing Team for 1 year and 10 months and recently became the Assistant Ticketing Supervisor.  

What do you love about working in the ticketing team? 

I love my job and find it nicely challenging and I enjoy working with the rest of the Ticketing Team.  As we are at Reception we have a lot more interaction with patrons then most departments which is very nice and it gives us the opportunity to really get to know our Patrons.  

What has been your favourite experience at Queensland Theatre?

When The Wider Earth was on in 2016 and seeing all the puppets being made and come together. I remember when they made the Armadillo and Anna brought it down to show us for the first time. Just watching how incredibly life like it was – how she moved with it and how it curled up into a ball was amazing. Then being able to see the company run and get a real feel for what the show was going to be like and then watching the actual show and how all the elements came together perfectly. It has definitely been my favourite show that I have seen so far.

What's one thing you couldn't live without? 

I couldn’t live without dogs - I am the biggest dog fan you will ever meet. 

What does your best weekend look like?

My ideal weekend is when it is raining and cold and miserable outside and I can stay inside and watch Netflix and play WoW. 

Madi Bell
Assistant Ticketing Supervisor - Queensland Theatre