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The magic of the stage is a combination of script, actors, lighting, sound, costumes and… sets.



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You may not know it, but at Queensland Theatre’s headquarters at Montague Rd we operate a full-scale workshop to build our production sets. Headed up by Pete Sands, our workshop operates year-round and employs a team of specialist scenic painters, carpenters and prop-makers.

This year alone, we will build five sets for the Brisbane stage, from the scale and detail of Death of a Salesman to the deceptive simplicity of Hydra. We’re also building sets for our youth productions and helping out small companies, lending equipment and skills.

It’s a big investment to make sets that match the artistic vision of each creative team. To give you an idea, we use over five kilometres of timber framing each year, gallons of paint and hundreds of thousands of screws. We need over $150,000 every season for materials alone.

That’s why we’re asking you to consider supporting our 2019 Workshop Appeal. All donations, large and small, will assist us in building beautiful bespoke sets for everyone to enjoy.

When you see our next set on stage, you can think of Pete and the workshop team, and know that you too had a hand in making it happen.

We’ll be inviting everyone who supports this appeal to visit the workshop so you can see how we’re making use of your donation to build our stand-out productions.

Every year our workshop uses:

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