Trusts and Foundations | Queensland Theatre

Queensland Theatre’s Trust and Foundation Partners enable us to kickstart new programs, support artist development and share theatre experiences with more people, in more places. Thank you to all of our Trusts and Foundations, past and present.

We are particularly grateful to the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, with whom we have a proud history of collaboration — touring education shows, deepening the impact of mainstage touring and growing our in-schools education initiative, The Scene Project. For the next five years, we will work together to support drama education, strengthen community engagement and develop artists pathways in regional Queensland. We are truly fortunate to partner with an organisation who shares in our vision, and is committed to creating sustainable change in our communities.

The impact of philanthropic organisations can also be seen on our mainstage. The fourth show in the 2019 Season, City of Gold by Meyne Wyatt, would not exist without the support of the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund. From 2016, in partnership with the Copyright Agency, Queensland Theatre has commissioned one First Nations artist per year to create a new piece of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island theatre. Crowd favourite My Name is Jimi (2017) was one of these works. Now, Jimi Bani and his family from Mabuiag Island have featured in the Australian Performing Arts Market, played for remote communities in Bamaga and Umagico and toured to the Melbourne and Sydney Festivals — all in 2018.  

Cultural Fund - Copyright Agency