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I think I’ve got the best job in the world. Every day, I get to make theatre to share with you.

Theatre is a truly magical art form. It’s unrivaled in its urgency and ability to reflect contemporary society back to itself, and unique in its capacity to change the temperature of a room full of people – to touch our souls through the power of an image or the twist of a story.

Every day we strive to make the best theatre possible, but we can’t do it alone. With only a third of our expenditure covered by base government funding, we rely on the generous support of our corporate partners and philanthropic donors to create new, world-class productions right here in Brisbane. Your partnership also enables us to tour our work across the country and the globe, and ensure the future of theatre through our specialised New Work, Education & Youth, Regional and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs.

To find out more about how you can be part of bringing the gift of theatre to our community, please browse our giving areas below. You can also contact our Philanthropy Coordinator Georgia Lynas on (07) 3010 7614 or

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Our Supporters

Education & Youth

Nothing is better than watching a young person discover their passion. At Queensland Theatre, we get to see this magic daily through our Education and Youth programs. It’s an essential part of our mission, and a point of pride for the company. Our work includes youth ensembles, school-based performance projects, artist residencies and subsidised theatre tickets for school groups.

If you want to help Queensland’s youth develop their love of theatre and find the stars of the future, this is the fund for you. For an in-depth look at last year’s achievements, download our 2015 Education & Youth Report here.


Queensland Theatre is not named after a capital city, because we’re a theatre company for the whole state. We believe everyone from Cunnamulla to Cairns deserves to experience theatre and we’re working hard to make that a reality. Over the past three years we’ve toured 49 regional cities and towns across Queensland. We deliver workshops to regional artists, school programs and training for local venue technicians and teachers. Help us keep it up! Every bit extra allows us to reach a few more people across our great state.


Every brilliant character, divine set or well-crafted story you’ve seen on stage represents years of hard work, skill-building and dedication by our artists.  Many artists struggle to balance pursuing their craft and maintaining sustainable livelihoods. Artistic Director Sam Strong wants Queensland  Theatre to lead the nation in creating career pathways for artists – to help them learn, grow their skills and build thriving careers. Love artists? Help them flourish with us!

New Work

Ladies in Black. My Name is Jimi. The Longest Minute.
Each of these beautiful works of art began as an idea, as words on a page. Ideas come to nothing without time, dedication and support. Queensland Theatre believes in the potential of Australian playwrights to create the next generation of theatre classics, and is committed to developing and programming their work. Help us build a canon of great Australian theatre by supporting our New Works and Development Program.

Stand Out Productions

The difference between good theatre and a work of outstanding brilliance is often money. The money needed not to compromise, to work with the best artists and give them the time needed to develop a truly great work. A lot goes into theatre: teams of artists on and off the stage; technical staff overseeing complex sets, lighting and sounds designs; reams of paper as scripts are refined; and thousands of hours of loving work. Queensland Theatre strives for excellence. We want to make some of the best theatre in the world, but our base funding will not allow us to do that. To reach the heights of the greatest theatre possible, we need you.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Projects  

Queensland Theatre is the two-time winner of the Queensland Premier’s Reconciliation Award, and is the first major performing arts company in Australia to register a Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan. We’re committed to helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists tell their stories, and to creating a more equitable society for all Australians. So far we’ve produced Black Diggers, Stradbroke Dreamtime, Head Full of Love and My Name is Jimi. Each work was guided by Aboriginal and Torres Strait artists and achieved critical acclaim. If you want to hear more from this remarkable and diverse community of storytellers, consider supporting the program.

Gift in Your Will

After taking care of the needs of family, you may like to demonstrate your love of theatre, and all that it brings to our lives and the community, by leaving a gift to Queensland Theatre in your Will.

Your gift can help us do so much. It will give us the solid financial foundation we need to continue expanding our inspiring community programs, especially those involving young people and regional Queenslanders. Who knows? One of these children may go on to become tomorrow’s stage sensation …

The decision to make a bequest is personal. Further information on arranging a bequest is available from your lawyer or in this document. Alternatively you can contact Philanthropy Coordinator Georgia Lynas on (07) 3010 7614 or

Legal Chapter

Members of the legal profession with a passion for theatre are encouraged to join Queensland Theatre’s Legal Chapter. Members attend three plays a year, including private pre-show functions with actors, directors and creatives. Our current Chapter members are a committed, insightful and humorous group who are dedicated to theatre and its possibilities. To join or for more information, contact Development and Events Coordinator Felicity Clifford on (07) 3010 7668 or

I regard theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being. -Oscar Wilde
Queensland Theatre has brought a fresh flavour to Shakespeare’s classic comedy, while still retaining all of the essential elements. You don’t have to be an avid Shakespeare fan to enjoy this charming, laugh-out-loud rendition of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.

Limelight Magazine

One thing I love about Traction is that it’s a place I can feel free. The group is more like a family. I felt like I was welcome . . . I love being a part of this group because it really boosted my confidence.
- Anonymous Participant, Traction Logan Youth Ensemble

As a small company, our collaboration with Queensland Theatre has meant that THE WIDER EARTH is our most ambitious production to date …it has meant the world to dream this story to life with them.
Dead Puppet Society

Thank goodness for Queensland Theatre. Since finding it, our son has become his true authentic self. He has grown in confidence and self-worth ... The stand out thing about the Youth Ensemble program is the respect and care with which the young people are treated. The program is deeply integrated and valued within the Queensland Theatre business.
- Anonymous Parent, Queensland Theatre Youth Ensemble