The Children | Queensland Theatre
01 August - 29 AugustCremorne Theatre, QPACBuy tickets Season tickets

In a nutshell

What’s our responsibility to the future?

Chernobyl. Fukushima. Three Mile Island. Names all loaded with dread to this day. But what if the fallout from any one of those incidents had been much, much worse?

Hazel and Robin are two retired nuclear scientists living in a cottage on the English coast, still haunted by a disaster at the power station where they used to work, and still living in fear of each click of the Geiger counter. Clutching at normality, they farm, or do yoga, or do their best to keep in touch with the world at large, which has descended into chaos after the apocalypse at the reactor.

When an old colleague turns up at their door, the couple are forced to confront an uncomfortable truth. The Children is a stunning, intense, slowburning drama by one of the UK’s hottest young playwrights.

    Designer Adam Gardnir

    Lighting Designer Christine Felmingham

    Composer/Sound Designer Wil Hughes

    Cast Includes Christine Amor (Quartet, The School of Arts), Toni Scanlan (Once in Royal David's City, Crownies

    Auslan Interpreted Monday 10 August, 6:30pm
    Audio Described Saturday 29 August, 2:00pm

    Play Briefing 
    Monday 27 July 6:00pm

    QT Club
    Saturday 8 August, 2:00pm

    Night With The Artists
    Monday 10 August, 6:30pm

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