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In a nutshell

David Williamson meets Isaac Newton on the verge of his greatest scientific discovery

Isaac Newton’s laws of motion are the foundation of countless human advancements. This is the story of how one of the greatest moments of scientific illumination almost didn’t happen. 

It’s 1684, the dawn of the Enlightenment. Bright young astronomer Edmund Halley must somehow wrangle the secrets of the universe from the brain of fickle and contrary Isaac Newton. At the same time he must wrestle with his faith and risk his home, family and reputation to find the money and means to share this beautiful, powerful theory with the world at large. 

For all the celestial bodies and scientific laws named after them, it’s easy to think of our 17th Century giants of science as infallible geniuses. But here are our most powerful minds laid bare: riddled with self-doubt, squabbling over fame, and ensconced in bitter intellectual rivalries. 

Beloved playwright David Williamson bring us a gripping and blackly funny drama about ideas that would change the world. The all-star cast includes Matthew Backer (Switzerland), William McInnes (SeaChange, Time of our Lives) and Rhys Muldoon (House Husbands). 

Cast Includes Matthew Backer, William McInnes, Rhys Muldoon, Daniel Murphy, Hugh Parker, Colin Smith, Lucas Stibbard, Hsiao-Ling Tang, Kimie Tsukakoshi. 

Designer Renée Mulder

Composer/Sound Designer ​ Steve Francis

Lighting Designer David Walters

Dramaturgy Julian Meyrick

Play Briefing 
Tuesday 2 October, 6pm - 7pm
Bille Brown Theatre, Queensland Theatre

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