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The 2018 Season transports us to places we wouldn’t otherwise encounter (or even imagine). The eight plays traverse centuries of time, the breadth of our country, the expanse of the globe, and the inner workings of diverse and brilliant minds.  

In the coming year, you can be at the centre of a food fight at the Christmas dinner from Hell, evade pursuers across the Scottish Highlands, wrestle with a Kafkaesque bureaucracy in Iran, help solve a 1960s murder mystery in the Western Australian Wheatbelt, become entangled in a 17th Century scientific feud, or sing melancholy love songs to the exotic Duke of a mythical realm.  

Be part of the magic of theatre. Be part of the 2018 Season at  Queensland Theatre

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The 2018 Season

Join us for a reason, come for a season and stay for a lifetime.

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3 Plays
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