Welcome to 2020 | Queensland Theatre

I cannot tell you how excited I am to get my sneakers under the desk and begin what I hope will be a long, creative, challenging, fun conversation with you about creativity in Brisbane. I was going to be all cool and slick and grown up about it all, but I am just having the best time ever meeting local artists and community leaders, and talking ideas and possibilities. Everyone has been so welcoming. Which shouldn’t be a surprise really, given how friendly even people on the street are!

 It is so inspiring to be in a city where people smile at you in the street. I nearly had a heart attack on my second day when the people waiting for the lift in my apartment building started talking to me (to be fair it was early, and I am not a morning person). They were lovely, and are now coming to see Emerald City, which is going to be beautiful, sparkly and fun. The first preview is on Saturday night and the team is frantically bringing the set, sounds, costumes and lights together to transport us back to the 1980s. We all had the best time at the play briefing on Tuesday night. Thank you to all the people who came and were so interested in a peek behind the scenes and conversation about the joy and challenge of reviving an Australian classic.

It is a real honour to be stepping into the role of Artistic Director in the 50th year of this extraordinary company. To be starting my time here with Emerald City to light up our nights is really special, particularly as it is also David Williamson’s 50th year as a playwright and this is one of his greatest works. It is not only a cutting satire about the ambition and narcissism of the 1980s, it is a document of ideas of that age that reveals to us today just how far we have, and haven’t come, as a nation. The fact that it makes so many jokes about Sydney and Melbourne should make it a real pleasure to watch in Brisbane! So if you haven’t got your tickets get your act together and come on down to the Playhouse at QPAC. I look forward to meeting you in person! Yes, I use a lot of exclamation marks.

Love, Lee