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Rehearsal Observations

We offer Rehearsal Observation placements to emerging directors. This role is voluntary, and working hours are flexible and completely up to the participant to determine. A rehearsal observation placement commonly includes the following participation: attending rehearsals, production meetings, bump-in and production week and preview performances.

The role is strictly to observe the processes of a production and witness the working relationships between the creative team, the director, the actors and the producing company. Rehearsal Observation placements are subject to availability, and dependent on whether this role can be appropriately incorporated into the production’s rehearsal room.

To send an expression of interest email sirwin@queenslandtheatre.com.au and include your CV with relevant experience and an indication of which production/s you wish to observe.

PLEASE NOTE: Rehearsal observation placements are usually confirmed at the end of the year before the placement begins. For example, for Season 2021 placements, we recommend you send your EOI as soon as possible after the season is announced in 2020.