Independent Artists | Queensland Theatre

Queensland Theatre is proud to support our community of Independent artists in a variety of ways:

  • Access to Spacefor free rehearsal and meeting space

  • Discounted tickets to Queensland Theatre productions.

  • Consultation. Do you need to chat to one of our team about producing advice? Casting? How to approach the schools market?  We welcome you to contact us for a meeting to discuss your project so we can offer new perspectives or practical advice.

  • Letters of support. If you have a relationship with the company and we are familiar with your work, we are usually happy to supply a letter of support for you to include in any funding applications, awards or professional development opportunities you are pursuing. Contact us to discuss your project and the support you need, and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Attending your productions. If you are making work independently, we’d love to see what you do. Please let us know about your show by emailing for the attention of the Programming Team. Complimentary tickets are appreciated as we see many shows each year and staff often do this in their personal time. That said, we understand that free tickets are limited — in which case, do feel confident in letting us know what a ticket will cost for us to attend.