MPA Framework | Queensland Theatre


The federal government is seeking input into the 17-year-old Major Performing Arts (MPA) funding framework. The MPA framework is the state and federal multi-year funding arrangement for Australia’s major arts organisations, including Queensland Theatre. Read more about the framework here.

The security provided by the MPA framework has been responsible for the continued growth and success of Queensland Theatre. It enables us to produce world-class theatre, employ artists, develop new artistic talent and small-to-medium companies and provide our extensive Education and Youth and Regional Programs. We are able to support our whole industry and plan over the long term for the best possible outcomes for our community.

However as Queensland’s Arts Minister Hon Leeanne Enoch has pointed out, there is a disparity in the level of federal government funding provided under this framework for Queensland: Queensland represents 20 per cent of Australia’s population and has four Major Performing Arts (MPA) organisations – Queensland Ballet, Queensland Theatre, Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Opera Queensland. But collectively these companies received only nine per cent of funding in 2016-17 from the Commonwealth Government’s 17-year-old MPA framework.

To read the Minister's statement in full click here

For every dollar invested in the MPA arts funding framework for theatre in Victoria by the Victorian Government, our Federal Government invests $3.15.

For every dollar invested in the MPA arts funding framework for theatre in Queensland by the Queensland Government, our Federal Government invests $0.22.